About Us

The Journal of Zoology Studies is a ordinary zoology journal but our service and quality make us extraordinary from others. It was started in 2014 to initiate the research in the field of zoology. It is an international bi-monthly journal that have online platform along with free open access policy. Our aim is to bring your work in the front of millions people. The Journal of Zoology Studies is not only a journal but it’s a bridge that connects authors to the rest of world.

We cover almost all branches of zoology which includes arachnology, physiology, parasitology, morphology, behavior, ecology, zoogeography, systematic and evolution, marine and aquatic biology, aquaculture, entomology, vermitechnology, biotechnology, enzymology, cell and molecular biology, animal biology, immunology, biochemistry, endocrinology, toxicology, neurobiology, Paleozoology, Apiology, Helminthology, Ornithology, Arthropodology, Herpetology, Parazoology, Malacology, Myrmecology, Ichthyology, Ethology, Planktology, Zooarchaeology etc.


Things You Should Know About

We at “The Journal of Zoology Studies” publish article related to the field of zoology. We have a panel of experts who review each and every word of manuscript before publishing. We also ensure that the script is new and never published. We are one of the fastest growing international journal with already established its root in this field.

Main objectives of JOZS
  • To provide high quality articles to our daily users
  • Propagandize research findings
  • To provide assistance in the evaluation of research and educational endeavors in zoology fields
  • To support research in the fields of talent development, creativity, excellence and innovation
Why publish with us ?

We are the only international journal which have a premium web address on the internet i.e. “www.Journalofzoology.com” which is a sign of originality. We also provides enormous services along with publication of an article. By publishing with us we assure you to propagandize your research via different means of web. This journal covers all major titles like Spider Research Journals, Fisheries Research Journals, Diptera Research Journals, Lepidoptera Research Journals, Entomology Research Journals and Snake Research Journals. So if you searching for these titles to publish your findigs, This is the more than best platform for your research.

How long we take to publish an article ?

We take almost one month to publish an article online in which we complete the process such as peer review, conversion of manuscript into an article, Galley Proof, Payment, Acceptance/Rejection and Publication.

Journal's publication criterion:

We follow the Bi-monthly criterion to publish an issue with serialized page numbers and also follows the international citation criterion.

What will be the fees for publication ?

As such we do not charge a single penny from our authors to publish an article in our journal; it is absolutely free of cost. We only charge for processing your manuscript and make it with the standard of “The Journal of Zoology Studies”. The students who belong to economic backward countries are most welcome to publish their research paper at free of cost not even the processing fees.

What’s about the Impact Factor ?

Journal of Zoology Studies Impact Factor is 1.5945 as per General Impact Factor for the year of 2015