A catalogue for endemic birds of Ethiopia

Tesfahunegny W       


In modern sense birds can be used to provide early warning of environmental problems. Tout of the total 926 checklists, 24 endemic bird of Ethiopia explores the current status and distribution with a brief description and information on habitat, distribution, habits and breeding. Furthermore, threats and IUCN category are covered. Moreover, a complete list of all known localities is added for each species. Ornithologists and conservation biologists need to develop plans using an interdisciplinary approach on the quality, beautiful landscapes and iconic species to ensure conservation activities address the diversity of biological and socio-economic issues that face on 3E birds of Ethiopia. In reality, conservation issues are complex and highly context-specific and this catalogue helps conservationst to impasses on endemic birds of Ethiopia. Research has shown that species richness in overall biodiversity as vital for the health and functioning of ecosystems, which provide services such as crop pollination; flood prevention, carbon storage, fisheries, tourism, increased soil, air and water quality upon which Ethiopia economy depends.

MS Received Date:   2016-07-19  MS Accepted Date:  2016-08-20  MS Published Date:  2016-09-29
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Tesfahunegny W "A catalogue for endemic birds of Ethiopia" Journal of Zoology Studies 3.4 (2016): 109-133.
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Tesfahunegny, W. (2016). A catalogue for endemic birds of Ethiopia. Journal of Zoology Studies, 3(4), 109-133.
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Tesfahunegny W. A catalogue for endemic birds of Ethiopia. Journal of Zoology Studies. 2016; 3(4): 109-133.
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