Status and occurrence of gulls in Lalitpur, Northern India

Kushwaha S Kumar A Kumar D Namdev A    


Wetlands play a key role in maintaining the avifauna in any region particularly for the migratory water birds. In India wetlands form 4.6% of the geographical area i.e. 15.26 million hectares of the country. The wetlands in the Bundelkhand region serve many avian species for a wide variety of purposes such as nesting, roosting and act as wintering ground. The analysis and documentation of bird species within habitat regions has a number of advantages. The present study is the first attempt to compile a document of familyLaridae in Lalitpur district.  All the three gull species (Pallas’s Gull, Brown-headed and Black-headed Gulls) reported from the study area are migratory. Lalitpur is known for its water reservoirs as such there is copious population of Gulls. Out of the total 10 sites (Jharar Ghat, Matatila Dam, Shahzad Dam , Sajnam Dam, Jamni Dam, Rohini Dam, Govind Sagar Dam, Rajghat Dam, Deogarh and Saidpur pond), all three gull species were reported from 9 sites except Saidpur pond. The Pallas’s Gull was lowest in number in all the sites as compared to Brown-headed and Black-headed Gulls. This indispensable study will prove to be very significant in terms of describing current status, occurrence and threats to Gulls and their habitat and assist in saving both the diversity of Laridae and the wetland habitats that they rely on. In future, if there are changes in gull numbers, they may indicate changes in the food availability, inter-specific interactions or pollution and environmental problems due to anthropogenic activities.

MS Received Date:   2017-08-07  MS Accepted Date:  2017-08-25  MS Published Date:  2017-09-01
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Kushwaha S, Kumar A., Kumar D., Namdev A. "Status and occurrence of gulls in Lalitpur, Northern India" Journal of Zoology Studies 4.4 (2017): 23-33.
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Kushwaha, S., Kumar, A., Kumar, D., Namdev, A. (2017). Status and occurrence of gulls in Lalitpur, Northern India. Journal of Zoology Studies, 4(4), 23-33.
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Kushwaha S, Kumar A, Kumar D, Namdev A. Status and occurrence of gulls in Lalitpur, Northern India. Journal of Zoology Studies. 2017; 4(4): 23-33.
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