Application of Nanotechnology in medical

Dawar FU Kamal R Khan K khan MF    


Nanotechnology is the creation and utilization of materials, devices, and systems through the control of matter at nanometer level. It is the design, manipulation, building, production and application, controlling the shape and size, the properties responses and functionality of structures, devices and systems of the order at less than 100 nm. Nanotechnology presents revolutionary opportunities in fight against many diseases. For example nanobiosensor is a biosensor which is used to investigate important biological processes at the cellular level in vivo.  Nanotechnology-based biochips and microarrays such as Cell chips protein, DNA microarrays/chips and Lab-on-a-chip are nanofluidic arrays and protein nanobiochips that interact with cellular constituents with higher specificity. Nanotechnology has also refined the detection of currently available biomarkers. The physicochemical characteristics and high surface areas of nanoparticles make them ideal candidates for developing biomarker-harvesting platforms. Several nanoparticles like gold, magnetic nanoparticles and quantum dots have been used for medical diagnostics. Hopefully our compilation would help in understanding the application of nanotechnology in medical.

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Dawar FU, Kamal R., Khan K., khan MF. "Application of Nanotechnology in medical" Journal of Zoology Studies 2.3 (2015): 22-34.
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Dawar, FU., Kamal, R., Khan, K., khan, MF. (2015). Application of Nanotechnology in medical. Journal of Zoology Studies, 2(3), 22-34.
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Dawar FU, Kamal R, Khan K, khan MF. Application of Nanotechnology in medical. Journal of Zoology Studies. 2015; 2(3): 22-34.
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