Acanthocephalan infestation in fishes –A review

Nabi S Tanveer S Ahmed SG Ahad S Niyaz U Abdullah I  


It has been estimated that Fisheries sector contributes to animal protein supply 63%, GDP 5.24% and foreign exchange earning 4.76% for the nation. For sustainable aquaculture production, it is therefore important to give proper attention to this essential area. Fish not only act as a host for different parasites but also serve as carrier of many larval parasitic forms that cause serious pathological disturbances in many vertebrates including man. Among different parasites, helminthes are the important parasites that cause a great threat for fish health management and aquatic crop production throughout the world. These helminth parasites of fishes cause decrease in growth rate, weight loss and emaciation, affect yield of fish products (liver oil etc), spread human and animal diseases, postpone sexual maturity of fish and cause mortalities in fish. Acanthocephalan is an important group of helminthes which infects and causes diseases in both freshwater and marine fishes. Keeping all this in view there is a need to explore the field to a high level so that fish could be used as a model in fisheries.

MS Received Date:   2015-09-16  MS Accepted Date:  2016-02-25  MS Published Date:  2016-03-07
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Nabi S, Tanveer S., Ahmed SG., Ahad S., Niyaz U., Abdullah I. "Acanthocephalan infestation in fishes –A review" Journal of Zoology Studies 2.6 (2015): 33-38.
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Nabi, S., Tanveer, S., Ahmed, SG., Ahad, S., Niyaz, U., Abdullah, I. (2015). Acanthocephalan infestation in fishes –A review. Journal of Zoology Studies, 2(6), 33-38.
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Nabi S, Tanveer S, Ahmed SG, Ahad S, Niyaz U, Abdullah I. Acanthocephalan infestation in fishes –A review. Journal of Zoology Studies. 2015; 2(6): 33-38.
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