Animal Mortality In South Karnataka

Rajashekara, S Chandrashekara, S      


Animal mortality is the death of animal individuals in the natural population. This is of two types – natural mortality and unnatural mortality. The natural mortality is the specific mortality due to ageing and controlled by natural methods/nature. The unnatural mortality is the actual loss of an individual under the circumstances created by man-made environment.
The animal mortality in South Karnataka from January to June 2009 was collected from the secondary data. The secondary data means the mass communication media that mainly includes the Bangalore Mirror, Deccan Herald (English), and Prajavani (Kannada) – newspaper. From the newspapers, data on the mortality of various animals such as Bears, Bisons, Blackbucks, Cow calves, Deer, Elephants, Leopards, Monkey, Sheep, and Tigers are collected. Then data was analyzed to estimate the number of death cases and percentage of mortality reported.

MS Received Date:   2014-02-13  MS Accepted Date:  2014-04-01  MS Published Date:  2014-04-04
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Rajashekara, S, Chandrashekara, S. "Animal Mortality In South Karnataka" Journal of Zoology Studies 1.2 (2014): 4-6.
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