How many birds do the sacred forests hold?

Katuwal HB Bhandari J Thapa V Gurung R Chaudhary R Magar TG Chaudhary H 


Sacred forests are the natural areas protected by the local communities. They have different socio-cultural, religious, and ecological significance. Large number of people visits these sacred forests daily which disturb the wildlife. Here we presented the species richness of birds recorded in four important sacred forests (Pashupatinath, Swyambhunath, Suryabinayak and Bajrabarahi) of Kathmandu valley, Nepal to know their significance in bird conservation. Altogether, we have recorded 195 bird species (resident-144 and migratory-51) belonging to 11 orders and 36 families. The highest number of bird species was recorded at Suryabinayak forest (168 species) whereas the least in Swyambhunath forest (113 species). We recorded one globally and five nationally threatened species while 24 as rare categorized species. We conclude that these sacred forests hold significant number of birds and also provide suitable habitat for migratory as well as threatened species although large number of people visit these forests daily. We recommend for detail ecological study and scientific management of these sacred forests.

MS Received Date:   2016-06-30  MS Accepted Date:  2016-08-07  MS Published Date:  2016-08-22
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Katuwal HB, Bhandari J., Thapa V., Gurung R., Chaudhary R., Magar TG., Chaudhary H. "How many birds do the sacred forests hold?" Journal of Zoology Studies 3.4 (2016): 7-19.
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Katuwal, HB., Bhandari, J., Thapa, V., Gurung, R., Chaudhary, R., Magar, TG., Chaudhary, H. (2016). How many birds do the sacred forests hold?. Journal of Zoology Studies, 3(4), 7-19.
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Katuwal HB, Bhandari J, Thapa V, Gurung R, Chaudhary R, Magar TG, Chaudhary H. How many birds do the sacred forests hold?. Journal of Zoology Studies. 2016; 3(4): 7-19.
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